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"Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent." - Acts 18:9

Trinity Mission is devoted to one task, to make Christ known in deed and in word.
Can you be certain of your own destiny? Is death really the end? These are some of the most profound questions one can ask but often are avoided or ignored as they instil fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. Where ever you are in your journey through life take time and consider these questions in light of the work of Jesus Christ. Your destiny? Yes you can be sure about it. Death is not the end.

"For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ." - 1 Thessalonians 5:9

"I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand." - John 10:28

Eternal life: a present gift and an eternal possession.